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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cool mac-stuff

If anyone is trying to reach me on msn right now, dont even try. For some reason, aMSN, adium or MSN Messenger for Mac wont let me log in. i tried logging in with my Gmail account and that didnt work either so im starting to think that its msn. i dunno.
anyway, if you really need me, email me.

If you hold down ctrl-command-D while moving your mouse over any bit of text, it will pop up a dicitonary. (this little tip only works in OS X 10.4 Tiger. ed. thanks void)

ImageVenue.com = excellent!


Blogger Sebastian said...

Hey nice blog there fellow mac user :). Thanks for the imageshack alternative.

BTW, you would like to point out that this Dictionary trick is only for 10.4 Tiger.

Anyhow, good stuff man.

3:06 AM  
Anonymous jamsven said...

i know another good alternative,
after i tested a lot of others services.
I found out that http://www.pixpack.net is the fastest of all.

And they never delete your images like imageshack...

9:57 AM  

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